Living with Black Bears

4 cubs still shot with mama

Those of you that have been Facebook friends of mine have enjoyed the many photos and videos I have taken from my home of the black bears we literally live with.  During active times (April – November) we frequently see them 3 or 4 times weekly.  Sometimes it’s one single adult bear or yearling.  At other times we will see 2 moms with cubs, or a single mom with up to 5 cubs!  Yes, they can have 5 in one litter!  My home sits on property that was long ago used for multi-family dwellings, so it is fairly clear and easy for spotting these lovely creatures.

So, how do we live in peace and harmony?  We respect each other.  This space belonged to the bears long before we began building and now that we have built in their habitat, we need to respect and protect.  What does this mean?  We do not feed them; We keep our trash in the garage; When they are around, we give them peace – i.e. taking the dogs inside; We let them eat our natural habitat vegetation; They are VERY healthy and happy here.

NC State began an Urban/Suburban Bear study a few years ago to capture and tag the bears to learn everything we can possibly learn from these amazing creatures…their travels, how they stay so healthy, how many die per year and causes of death, and much more.  To read more about their findings, visit their facebook page or click on one of the following articles.  (I was very fortunate to be able to participate when we captured two yearlings on my neighbor’s lot)

Day in the life of a Black Bear Technician

Urban Bear Project Video


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