Walking Again Soon!


Hi Friends!  Will this be my last blog post about navigating Asheville without walking? My next x-ray is this week, and although I’ll still be in a boot, I am hoping that I can begin weight-bearing. It will be so much easier to get around!

I am pleased that two of our local tourist destinations/activities were very accommodating to me this week.  I am still using my crutches/scooter/iwalk to get around and visited both the Biltmore Estate and the LaZoom Tour Bus.


The Chihuly exhibit at the estate runs through October.  It is a must see as the glass sculptures are absolutely amazing!  This particular sculpture appears to be designed after my hairstyle 🙂

The Koi Pond is surrounded by gravel, so it was a bit difficult to get around on my scooter.  But, there are handicapped ramps to access the pond as well as other areas at the house and gardens.



The Antler Hill Village Winery was very easy to scoot around with ramps where needed.  Finally, dinner at The Bistro was excellent.  Waiters were very attentive to my needs and seated me in a booth with ample room for my boot and parking for my scooter.


The Downtown Beverly-Hanks office did their annual LaZoom Bus Tour which was a blast.  Our tour guide helped me on and off the bus and let me sit in the front where there was plenty of room to stretch my leg and place my crutches.

If you haven’t yet taken the tour, please do.  It’s not only hilarious, but you will learn much about the history of Asheville and the area.

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