Challenging Terrain


Hi Readers!  So I am in a cast and non-weight-bearing through the rest of the summer.  Will I stay at home and brood about it?  Definitely not!  But…how can I possibly do Asheville on crutches?  I’ll start out by saying that uber is my savior.  I live one mile to downtown Asheville, so ubering to wherever I want to go is not an issue.  The issue is when I get there…do I do my scooter?  Crutches?  Wheelchair?

I hate to be Debbie Downer, but people in general do not take sympathy and look out for you.  I feel like I am an annoyance to anyone trying to get to where they want to be in a hurry.

What I have gathered so far about Asheville with one leg…DON’T Do it!  I fell right in front of Ingles today when my crutch slid across the yellow line.

Visiting rooftop bars this weekend is all my family really tried to do and we were successful!  Elevators!  Although they did not want to uber 1.5 blocks to the restaurant, so Cody offered to piggy-back me…

I’m thinking tubing and River Arts might work…I’ll let you know.

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