Dining with Dogs in Asheville


Hans and Hazel are my dogs and definitely my best friends.  I try to take them just about everywhere that I go.  When they were babies, I could actually take them to restaurants and breweries.  But now that they are full-grown labrador retrievers, I am embarrassed to say that they are not well-trained enough for many of these dog-friendly venues.


The above picture is of Corky whose master is the owner of Battery Park Book Exchange.  If you haven’t yet been to this book store, grab your canine and check it out…great champagne, wine, coffee, desserts, and appetizers in a superb atmosphere!

According to the Citizen-Times, these are great places to eat and very dog friendly:

  • Posana Restaurant even has a dog menu!
  • The Hop Ice Creamery makes a dog-friendly flavor.
  • Ultimate Ice Cream also makes ice cream for dogs.
  • Twisted Laurel has a great patio for dogs and people-watching.
  • Avenue M has locally baked dog treats.
  • Upcountry Brewing allows dogs throughout the brewery and are going to be adding a fenced area for them in back.

twisted laurelavenue mice-cream-604x402-opt

Hans & Hazel are allowed to come dine out if I have extra sets of hands to control them.  We have been to Hickory Tavern and The Thirsty Monk in Biltmore Park.  Most restaurants with outside seating are very accommodating to dogs with fresh water and places to hook their leashes.

I will say our best dining out together is to picnic while on a hike.  They must carry their own lunch box though!


Let’s expand on the dining and explore pet-friendly places to stay.  According to Trip Advisor, Hilton Garden Inn, The Indigo Hotel, Four Points Hotel, and The Haywood Park Hotel are all very pet friendly and are in downtown Asheville!

xmas downtown

There are also many VRBO’s and Air BnB’s that are pet friendly because who wants to come to Asheville without their dogs to hike with?

I am building a house in a planned VRBO community that I’m designing for dogs (no carpet, indestructible materials, porch with gate, etc.)  For more information please send me a message.  Check out the website with floor plans and the layout of the community below:

Cedar Cliff Village

Woof Woof and have a great day!


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