Let’s Do Brunch!


Wow!  Check out Maddie’s Bloody Mary at Sunny Point Cafe in West Asheville!  It is practically a whole meal with the delicious vegetables and crispy bacon.  They create their own mix and hot sauce.  Maddie likes it extra spicy! For breakfast, my favorites are the four egg wild mushroom omelette and the daily special, fired avocado scramble.

Sunny Point Cafe

The drawbacks are parking and wait time.  But, you can walk through the gardens as you wait and drink the complimentary hot coffee.


Also in West Asheville is Isis Music Hall and yes, they do brunch!  The wait time is reasonable, food is great, but parking also tends to be a challenge.


Isis Music Hall Brunch

If you are staying downtown and can walk, try Early Girl Eatery and Tupelo Honey Cafe. (Are you seeing a theme here with parking issues?)

Early Girl

I am partial toward the Early Girl Bennie.

Early Girl


And I love Tupelo Honey’s Honey and the fried green tomatoes can’t be beat.

Tupelo Honey Cafe

If you absolutely detest driving around for parking and waiting forever, try Tupelo Honey Cafe in South Asheville.  The Roux in the Hilton at Biltmore Park also serves an amazing brunch.  Parking and wait time are rarely an issue.


Less Brunchy-type places, but also very good are City Bakery and Biscuit Head which have several locations in and around Asheville.  I love anything with avocado at City Bakery.  You will stand in line at these places, order your food, and hopefully find a place to sit.

Biscuit Head

City Bakery


Try to get to these early for shorter wait times.  However, if you do have to wait, it is worth it.  Farm to table, homemade and unbelievably delicious food!

Don’t forget that I have links at the bottom of each page on this website for restaurants and other things to do in Asheville.  Enjoy!



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