Pizza in Asheville!


Over the last year it seems as if a new pizza place opens up every week!  Is Asheville migrating from the micro-brewery city to the pizza hub of the US?  How do you think each of these establishments are going to carve out unique appeal for local folks and tourists alike?


My three “goto” pizza places for years are Asheville Pizza & Brewing, North Asheville; Barley’s, downtown, and All Souls Pizza, River Arts District.  I need to get out of my “foodie comfort zone” and try out some of the new ones.  Asheville Pizza and Brewing also has a movie theatre, so it is great for families.  Barley’s has a great spot downtown and often has live music.  All Souls Pizza is super creative with their menu and they have a very large outdoor space for families and friends to gather.


Asheville Pizza and Brewing

Barley’s Taproom & Pizzeria

All Souls Pizza

Since I have not had the time nor the appetite to try them all, I sought out recommendations from friends and these came out on top:

Fahrenheit Pizza & Brewing (family-owned)

Pizza Mind (very kid-friendly)

Standard Pizza (multiple locations)

Many people still love the chains as well, so do not forget about Mellow Mushroom, Marcos, and MOD!



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