Hanging out with Black Bears


Is it a coincidence that the NCSU Urban/Suburban study participants removed the bear trap less than 24 hours before these beautiful creatures showed up?  Probably not…these bears are smarter than we think!  A neighboring lot owner, whose lot I am selling, asked to have the trap removed (understandably so).  I asked Jen, a grad student, if she would like to relocate the trap to my lot and she responded that she would move it somewhere else.  “There really hasn’t been much activity lately around here.” she replied.

Hans, my labrador, has his “bear bark” and it was in overdrive this afternoon!  So I meandered out to my deck and sure enough, there she was.  What I didn’t realize is that she also had two small cubs shortly behind her.

I normally take Hans inside to allow the bears to come closer to the house and eat my berries, but today I felt it was better to keep them at distance.  They will come back tonight when Hans is asleep in his crate to feast on my foliage.  Enjoy the videos and see the main menu link “Living with Black Bears” for more information on the bear study.


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