Is Asheville being loved to death?

bele chere

This is the title to an article in the Asheville Citizen Times.  I like the title and I DO feel the love (most of the time).  However, what the writer John Boyle really asks is whether or not we have reached our limits.  Is there too much tourism?  Are there too many people trying to relocate here?  Do we really have an extreme shortage of affordable housing?  These questions are all valid points.


Quotes from the article include:

“An astounding 10.9 million people traveled to Buncombe County in 2016, up more than 5 percent from 2015, and they spent $2 billion in 2016. That’s a 6.7 percent jump over 2015, which makes restaurants, art galleries and retail shops happy.”

“It translates into a lot of people using a lot of roads and walking on a lot of sidewalks and filling up a lot of parking decks.”

(Interesting to me that this article came out on the same day as the article for the proposed I26 connector plan.)

“I’ve heard stories of bidding wars in hot areas, with homes being bought after Face Time tours over the phone. A 1,200-square-foot bungalow in West Asheville, formerly the working class neighborhood for regular Joes, can fetch close to $300,000.”

“Rents are equally onerous for most working folks, and we don’t have enough apartments. The vacancy rate has eased a bit, to 2.7 percent in the last report, but we still need a lot more, and that will help rents come down — if they can get approved.”

As a Real Estate Agent, I can agree that Asheville’s inventory for affordable housing is very low.  However, we ARE still able to find people wishing to relocate to this area homes that fit their needs and budget.  I can expand the search area to further out, but still very accessible to Asheville and conveniences.  New construction is also booming.  So if buyers are willing to rent or delay the move we can also be successful in their relocation.

Tourism is going to continue to grow, but I think that is a good thing.  Tourism brings more jobs to our area and more money for our city.  As the article states, as a city we do need to do a better job keeping up the road system, creating affordable housing, and increasing wages.

To read the full article, click on the link below:

Are we being loved to death?

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