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Hi faithful readers!  I so appreciate you!  So I’m a little slow…I should have combined my fitness blog and my Western North Carolina blog long ago,  why>

Valentines Day is Just around the Corner


And…Love is in the Air…


Guys, if you haven’t yet made reservations, you better get on it quick!

Knowing Asheville the way I do, these are the things that I would like my honey to reserve…

Grove Park Inn Spa Treatments.  Since Valentine’s Day is on a Wednesday we have lots of leeway.  If you don’t yet have a reservation, try for the weekend before or after.   Many other massage places are very nice as well such as Sensibilities, Spa Theology, and Sparrow Spa.

Grove Park Spa

For dinner reservations, my favorite “cozy” places are:


corner kitchenThe Corner Kitchen in Biltmore Village.  Because the restaurant is in an historic house built in 1895, the rooms are small and offer a lot of intimacy at your personal table.  Plus, the food is fantastic!

Jerusalem Garden has cushions with surrounding curtains to sit on.  You can cozy up to your sweetheart and not feel uncomfortable in a public place.

Jerusalem Gardens cafe

Most downtown AVL restaurants are crowded  and the tables are sandwiched in.  If you book a downtown restaurant ask for a booth in the back like these shown at Modesto…

modesto cozy booth

After dinner, chocolate and coffee…Chocolate Fetish, French Broad Chocolate Lounge, Kilwins, Chocolate Gems are all divine!

And…please see these additional links for the best chocolate…

Asheville Chocolates

Baxley’s Chocolates

The Chocolate Fetish

French Broad Chocolate Lounge


If you are making a weekend of it, breakfast at Tupelo Honey, Sunny Point Cafe, Isis, or Early Girl…  Yes, ISIS is a music venue, but has an amazing brunch as well.  And you can make a reservation which most others will not allow.


Early Girl


Followed by a long winter hike.  Winter views are amazing, and the weather is typically not too cold.  Wear layers!

Bearwallow Mountain…

Bearwallow Mountain


For more suggestions see.



Holidays are Almost Here!


Xmas Biltmore

Thanksgiving is upon us, and Christmas will be here before we know it!  Start planning now for events to get in the spirit, ways to volunteer, and great places to shop.

xmas gingerbread


My favorites are the Grove Park Inn Gingerbread competition and the Biltmore Estate Christmas decorations.  There is also the downtown holiday parade, Biltmore Village carolers, and beautiful light displays.

xmas parade

Head to the Arboretum or Lake Julian for their festival of lights.

xmas julian

Visit Explore Asheville for a complete calendar of events:

Explore Asheville

Also, for volunteer activities, I have worked with Manna Food Bank, Eblen Charities, and the Eliada Home.  For more information, please click on the following link…

Asheville Today

And finally, Shopping!  Please support the locally owned shops and boutiques downtown.  You will find an abundance of unique gifts.  My favorites for the girls in our lives are Hazel Twenty, Lost and Found, and Traveling Chic Boutique.





Halloween and Peak Leaf Season are here!

Fall biltmore

Where is the fall color? Due to the overnight temperatures being 9 degrees warmer on average, this is a record year for fall…and not in a good way.  The leaves are changing but seem to be falling off the trees as rapidly as they are changing color.  If you’ve made the trek to Western North Carolina this weekend anyway, please see the list of where you might want to enjoy the beauty of fall.

Higher elevations like Mount Mitchell and Craggy gardens have already dropped most of the leaves.  Elevations between 2000-3500 should have the best color this weekend and the first weekend in November.  According to the “Asheville Citizen-Times” writers:

  • Chimney Rock
  • Cashiers
  • Blue Ridge Parkway at Haywood – Jackson County line, milepost 431, or Waterrock Knob at milepost 455.
  • Whitewater Falls, off N.C. 281 near Gorges State Park

fall pumpkin

So what about things to do regarding Halloween?  Festivities begin this weekend.  You may want to start out by getting your costume at the tent by the Asheville Mall.

fall costumes

Haunted Tours are a must!  Again, according to the citizen times, you have plenty to choose from:

LaZoom Ghost Tours

Pinhead’s Graveyard

Haunted High


Haunted Trail

fall lazoom

Finally, take a look at all of these Halloween parties throughout town:

  • MG Road: Monster Makeout Dance Party, 254-4363
  • Grove House Entertainment Complex, 505-1612
  • The Mothlight Halloween Party, 252-5433
  • Zansa: A Celebration of Masks at Isis Restaurant and Music Hall, 575-2737
  • Nightbell’s Halloween Masquerade Gala, 575-0375

fall isis

Miscellaneous Ideas for Fall Fun


My ankle has finally healed!  I am back to blogging now that I can get around Asheville again, try things out, and make recommendations.  I duplicated this fall post from last year and added a few tidbits.  Enjoy!

Asheville gets inundated with what I call “The Leaf People” at this time of year.  No worries (other than traffic), we love our tourists and showing off our vibrant city.  So please see the links for activities, ideas, and fall real estate news:



Too tired or sore to hike, then go for a drive and listen to this playlist from local musicians:

Autumn Playlist

Fall motor1

The Blue Ridge Parkway is such a lovely place to see fall color.  Our Beverly-Hanks blog has more great information:

Blue Ridge Parkway

Ready for Selfies in and around Asheville?

15 Most Instagrammable Spots

Good Vibes

And finally, what’s going on with Real Estate?  Our inventory keeps getting lower and lower especially in more affordable price ranges.

Beverly-Hanks Market Research Center

If you are thinking about selling, try out our “cool” new tool to get 3 estimates of your home’s worth AND to see the number of buyers in our network looking for a home just like yours!


Walking Again Soon!


Hi Friends!  Will this be my last blog post about navigating Asheville without walking? My next x-ray is this week, and although I’ll still be in a boot, I am hoping that I can begin weight-bearing. It will be so much easier to get around!

I am pleased that two of our local tourist destinations/activities were very accommodating to me this week.  I am still using my crutches/scooter/iwalk to get around and visited both the Biltmore Estate and the LaZoom Tour Bus.


The Chihuly exhibit at the estate runs through October.  It is a must see as the glass sculptures are absolutely amazing!  This particular sculpture appears to be designed after my hairstyle 🙂

The Koi Pond is surrounded by gravel, so it was a bit difficult to get around on my scooter.  But, there are handicapped ramps to access the pond as well as other areas at the house and gardens.



The Antler Hill Village Winery was very easy to scoot around with ramps where needed.  Finally, dinner at The Bistro was excellent.  Waiters were very attentive to my needs and seated me in a booth with ample room for my boot and parking for my scooter.


The Downtown Beverly-Hanks office did their annual LaZoom Bus Tour which was a blast.  Our tour guide helped me on and off the bus and let me sit in the front where there was plenty of room to stretch my leg and place my crutches.

If you haven’t yet taken the tour, please do.  It’s not only hilarious, but you will learn much about the history of Asheville and the area.

On One leg so far…

one leg kayak

Hi Readers!  I so hate to disappoint you, but it’s probably not best to vacation in Asheville in a cast.  However, if you find yourself here with your friends or relatives…here is what I have found that works…

Kayaking!  You will need to be helped in and out, but you can definitely do it on calm water.  And the French Broad (normally) has calm water so no worries about capsizing. You do float by the Biltmore Estate without the entry charge…nice!

DSC_0416 (1)

I tried walking around in an iwalk and it is too dangerous…you will break other bones, so don’t go there.

Uber around downtown to enjoy the restaurants, bars, and shopping.

Do the pub cycle…


They don’t really peddle up these hills as there is a motor 🙂

My favorite…the spas…Asheville has the most amazing spas so pamper yourself, you deserve it!  Grove Park Inn spa…



Attend our local Athletic Events.  We now have a women’s semi-pro soccer team in Asheville!  The team has had an amazing inaugural season with great attendance and dedicated fans already.  South slope is still home to the Tourists Baseball team and now the Men’s and Women’s soccer teams at Memorial Stadium.

women-vs-bcfc-13_2 (1)

Asheville Tourists Schedule

And finally, pitch a chair and do concerts.  Asheville has the best music scene on the east coast!  For a line up visit…

Asheville Summer Concerts



Asheville in a cast..To be continued…

Challenging Terrain


Hi Readers!  So I am in a cast and non-weight-bearing through the rest of the summer.  Will I stay at home and brood about it?  Definitely not!  But…how can I possibly do Asheville on crutches?  I’ll start out by saying that uber is my savior.  I live one mile to downtown Asheville, so ubering to wherever I want to go is not an issue.  The issue is when I get there…do I do my scooter?  Crutches?  Wheelchair?

I hate to be Debbie Downer, but people in general do not take sympathy and look out for you.  I feel like I am an annoyance to anyone trying to get to where they want to be in a hurry.

What I have gathered so far about Asheville with one leg…DON’T Do it!  I fell right in front of Ingles today when my crutch slid across the yellow line.

Visiting rooftop bars this weekend is all my family really tried to do and we were successful!  Elevators!  Although they did not want to uber 1.5 blocks to the restaurant, so Cody offered to piggy-back me…

I’m thinking tubing and River Arts might work…I’ll let you know.

Handicapped in the mountains…can it be done?


So here I am getting ready to blog about something I would never have asked upon myself.  My Hans pulled me down while trail running, and although I denied it for a week, I do have a broken ankle.  Surgery, cast, boot, the whole shebang!  So here I go trying to navigate my way around Asheville, showing property with Beverly-Hanks, and actually riding this scooter up and down these steep slope streets?  Maybe?  Maybe not?

Always being “Glass Half Full” I figured, why not blog about it.  Is Asheville the least bit handicapped friendly? And if you cannot mountain bike, hike, swim..what can you do?  Well I intend to find out.

Stay tuned readers!

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